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Walking football. The Rules

If you are wondering how Walking Football happens in reality, here is a short list of the main rules applied.

  • Non-Contact
  • Above head height restriction on ball
  • Deflection above head height by goalkeeper – ball retained by keeper
  • No heading the ball
  • All free kicks indirect
  • Whistle stops and resumes play – no quick free kicks
  • No direct goal from a kick-off or any dead ball situation
  • All free kicks have defenders 3-metres distant
  • Players may not play the ball whilst grounded – to include slide tackling, slide blocks
  • Cornering a player is not permitted – allow the opponent to turn
  • No 2 vs 1 tackling at barriers/wall
  • No tackling across an opponent at a wall/barrier
  • Playing with reckless or dangerous intent is an infringement
  • One-step penalty kicks
  • No passing back and forth from the goalkeeper to outfield player
  • Sin Bin time out for any three same or variety of infringement
  • Zero tolerance on disrespectful conduct towards the referee

A full, up to date version of the FA laws of the game can be found by clicking here:

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